Know Your Options. It’s Your Decision

Patients are becoming increasingly more concerned about out-of-pocket expenses. A hospital MRI can cost as much as $2,600, compared to Network Radiology, which charges about $600 for the same quality service. Most patients don’t realize they can save an average of $1,500 out-of-pocket by choosing Network Radiology instead.

Most doctors disregard this option because it is less profitable for their hospital, and it might inconvenience their staff. To resolve this, Network Radiology provides each patient with a CD of their scan so that hospital doctors can instantly upload images to their system. Network Radiology also maintains an online portal for doctors to instantly access their patient’s scans anywhere.

With new state-of the-art equipment and leading physician oversight, Network Radiology offers substantial savings and convenience, while allowing patients to maintain their preferred hospital-based doctor.

Just as patients can choose their own pharmacy, they can also choose their own radiology center. Using an independent radiologist is the most effective way to reduce out-of-pocket expenses in health care without compromising quality.


BEFORE YOUR SCAN, one of our staff members will contact you the day before your reserved scan time. Bring your order, your insurance card and your drivers license. You may also print the patient registration forms from this web site and bring the completed forms with you.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE, Please check in with the receptionist and have a seat in our comfortable waiting area. It is located on the Northwest corner of the building to the left of the front entrance. There is plenty of handicapped parking in front of the suite. Once you enter, you will receive world-class care from our professional staff.

With contrast:  Do not eat or drink three hours before your exam.

Without contrast: There are no dietary restrictions.

If you have an allergy to iodinated contrast, have asthma, or a history of contrast allergy, please notify our office when scheduling your scan.

With contrast:  Do not eat or drink three hours prior to your exam.

Without contrast: There are no dietary restrictions.

For an upper right quadrant/gallbladder, do not eat for four hours before the exam.
No preparation is needed.
Do not use powder, deodorant, lotion or perfume the day of the scan. Bring a disc containing your last three mammograms. Plain film images are also accepted.

Please print and complete the following forms and bring to your appointment: