High Field 1.5 Tesla MRI

High Field MRI is said to be the best of both worlds because it offers the highest quality images with the most comfort for patients. MRI combines a powerful magnet with an advanced computer system and radiowaves to produce highly accurate, detailed pictures of organs and tissues to diagnose a variety of medical conditions and guide patient care.

High Field 1.5 Tesla MRIs offer the following benefits to patients:

  1. Faster exams. Average scan times are 15-20 minutes
  2. Short bore comfortable scanner
  3. Comfortable exams with ultra light-weight coils
  4. More “head out” exams thanks to the ultra-short magnet design with fewer issues with claustrophobia
  5. Quicker exams with flexible combinations of  coils
  6. Dedicated coils for each body part to enhance image quality
  7. Improved diagnostic confidence with 1.5T image quality
  8. No ionizing radiation and no radiation exposure