Network Radiology, a Great Resource for Attorneys

Network Radiology has extensive experience meeting the needs of attorneys. This includes flexible fees, extended terms and diagnostic procedures performed on a lien basis – all to accommodate pending litigation, settlements and recovery.

Network Radiology’s chief radiologist, Dr. Michael Paley, is a board-certified radiologist experienced in interpreting exams for personal injury, workers’ compensation and auto injury cases. Dr. Paley can also provide second opinions and over-reads, and he routinely works with attorneys to settle and resolve cases.

You and Your Clients Will Receive:

  • Accurate, concise and focused reports by Board Certified Sub-Specialized Radiologists.
  • Second opinions, over-reads or STAT reports available.
  • Images will be provided through NETWORKradiology’s online radiology information and PACS services or on a CD viewable on any computer or via our secure web portal.

You and Your Clients Must Provide:

  • Letter of Protection for personal injury cases.
  • Approved C-9 for workers compensation claims.

NETWORKradiology Works With You On a Final Settlement Of Bill…

  • We provide you with a bill for services.
  • We are flexible with our fees.
  • We will work with you to help settle cases.

Consistent Reporting

  • Unlike other imaging centers, our reports include a statement of a normal finding, which mean just that. You will not need to spend additional resources for another radiologist to review MRI or CT scans.
  • Your opposing counsel will not find an expert to refute the Network Radiology interpretations.
  • All findings are referenced to series and image numbers so that anyone can see abnormalities.

Experienced Administrative and Office Staff

  • Fluent in workers compensation process.
  • We accept Letters of Protection for personal injury cases.
  • Experienced in personal injury billing.
  • Flexible billing.
  • We encourage settlements.
  • Approved C-9 required for workers compensation claims.

High Field MRI and Multi-Slice CT Scan

  • High resolution, detailed images.
  • Highest standard of care.

Enhanced Relationship

Provide additional services to our loyal supporters

  • Dr. Paley and his associates will be your personal radiologists. They will consult with you and review any imaging studies regardless of where the scans were taken.
  • Available to give expert opinion on and off the record, including deposition and testimony.
  • Provide written over-reads or re-reads.
  • Available any time for any imaging question.

Practice Building

  • Provides the attorney with opportunities to NETWORK with our family of healthcare and legal partners to help your practice grow.
  • We work with many respected and successful MDs, DOs, DCs and attorneys and are often in a position to refer our own patients who are not yet represented.